Active Outdoors

Feel confident with your health and fitness, get out and about!

If you’ve pledged to get active outdoors, or just looking for some more ideas on what to do, you’re in the right place. We’ve got plenty of inspiration and advice on how to increase your activity levels outdoors, signposting to training plans, exercise diary logs and much more to keep you motivated. 

Bust Stress to Boost Energy

It is easy to underestimate the role that stress plays on our health and energy levels as it has become just commonplace in our everyday lives, but stress has a very real physical effect on our bodies. 

Find out how to manage stress.

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Calming Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is an awareness of, and focus on, the present. Thus, practising mindfulness can be, and is, as simple as stopping for a moment and bringing your attention to your current situation and surroundings.

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The Affect of Physical Activity on Sleep

Exercise is important for sleep, conversely, sleep is just as important as it is for exercise.

Exercise is not only beneficial for your overall health and circulation, but research has shown the positive effects on quality of sleep. 

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How To Gain From Your Garden

If you’re fortunate enough to have a garden or outside space, no matter how large, there are many joys and benefits that this this can bring, all year round.

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Exercise Tips to Help You Get Active in the Dark/Cold

For some, it’s especially hard to get motivated to exercise during winter, but you don’t have to let the cold weather affect your fitness routines. Here are some of our top tips to help keep you moving into spring.

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Walking Football

Love football, or another sport, but don’t feel quite as nimble as you did? There’s no need to give up: just dial it down with a walking version.

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Advice Surgery

If you’d like any advice on how to begin your new Active Outdoors or Active Indoors venture, including tips on nutrition and how to take your exercise to the next level, our advisors are ready to help.

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Beginners Running Tips

If you’ve been inspired to take up running but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve put together our top ten tips for beginner runners, to give you a little head start.

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15 Ways To Get Active Outdoors

When you read ‘get active for at least 30 minutes a day’ it can be a bit daunting! Fear not, we’ve got plenty of fun ways to get yourself active for 30-minutes each day. It won’t just be your step count that benefits.

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Find a Training Plan

Use Active Wellbeing as a chance to make small steps toward a healthier and happier you. Start off the year with some guidance and help on the many training options out there.

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CSSC life

Whatever your passions, requirements or fitness level, CSSC life is everything you need to live your healthiest, happiest life. 

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Active Wellbeing Resources

Looking for more support? Our ready-to-access tools and resources are here for you to utilise as part of Active Wellbeing and beyond.

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Spotify Playlists

Whether you’re out for a leisurely jog or upping the pace to set a new personal best, our carefully curated Spotify playlists will give you the boost to take you that extra mile.

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