15 Different Ways to Spend 30 Minutes Outdoors

When you read ‘get active for at least 30 minutes a day’ it can be a bit daunting! Do you want to go on a 30-minute run, cycle or sprint session in the cold, rainy months of January and February? We don’t either. Fear not, we’ve got plenty of fun ways to get yourself active for 30-minutes each day. It won’t just be your step count that benefits.

View of Durdle Door taken from on top of the cliff

Make the most of where you live

Whether you’re in a city, the countryside, or a small seaside village; get to know your area by trying different routes. Changing the route you walk to the shops or work every so often will give a nice refreshing change of scenery and give you different things to take in on your journeys.

Any famous landmarks?

Do you have any history near you, or famous landmarks you could visit? Use your walking route to learn something new about where you live to really make the most of your time.

Steps toward Charities?

Could your walk be a part of something bigger? There are lots of charities at the moment that are fundraising through walking. There are lots of initiatives out there, could you help?

Listen to some music

Music is a great distraction and the perfect walking partner, listen to your favourite playlist.

A senior woman running across a bridge in London listening to music
A runner grins as he stops for a breath

Pick up a book?

It’s hard to walk and read without ending up in a bush! If you’re a fan of audiobooks then great, or perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to download some and listen while you walk?

Out last the podcast

How about listening to your favourite podcast, or a new one you’ve been recommended but haven’t had the time to sit and listen to?

Active phone calls?

How about you make that dreaded work call you’ve been putting off? It might not seem so bad when you’re walking in the sun. Or add an extra spring in your step by phoning a member of your family or a friend, it’ll make your walk fly by and you’ll feel much happier at the end.

Change up your time

If you always walk at lunch time, why not try an early morning stroll? Sometimes getting up early and seeing the world wake up is one of the most calming moments. You’ll get home and feel ready for the day, having achieved so much.

A man jogs through a park on a frosty autumn morning
A woman doing side lunges outdoors with autumn leaves around her

Is competition your thing?

Set a route and give yourself a certain amount of time to walk around. Each time you do it, try and beat your own time. Not only is it a bit of fun but you’ll increase the calories burnt by walking faster.

Intervals if you want a bit more of a challenge

If you’re wanting to get a bit fitter, why not mix your walking with some fast walking, and jogging? Going from walking to running is a fantastic way to get fitter, but it also can make your daily walks just that little bit more challenging.

Have a look at Desk to 5k resources to get your walking into a higher pace.

Go searching

Create a scavenger hunt for you and your family. Have some fun making a list of things to collect while you’re exploring. It will keep the kids on track and you might find things you never expected.

Look at Geocaching! Download the app, it’s a worldwide treasure hunt, to pick up all sorts of exciting prizes.

HIIT work outs

Find somewhere safe to set up for your work out. Take your living room workouts outdoors, it will change up your environment and stop your workouts going stale.

Two women are on a winter walk together in the woods, all wrapped up
A woman in a hat and mittens holds a camera and laughs as it's snowing


Grab your phone or camera and head out to make tracks, whether it’s to cycle, run or walk. Give your 30-minutes of exercise a different purpose. Can you collect a picture for each workout you do, throughout Active Wellbeing 2022, to help reflect and remember your accomplishments?


Don’t let the winter months keep your green fingers from getting outside. Dedicating time to green wellbeing will really affect your day. Wrap up warm and get outside for 30-minutes to grow your garden. whether it’s pruning, planting, mowing, picking up leaves or just keeping your patio clean! You’ll get active and feel better for it.