Different Training Plans

Use Active Wellbeing as a chance to make small steps toward a healthier and happier you. Start off the year with some guidance and help on the many training options out there. Whether it’s starting from scratch with some beginner’s tips to fitness, or really pushing your pace to improve your times. We’ve collected some training plans to follow, and even a handy training log for tracking your sessions.

A fit older woman runs through the woods with her dog

Before you even get your heart rate up, there are some things to consider beforehand if you’re planning on improving your fitness levels.

Daybyday, weekbyweek

If you want to stretch your legs, improve your strength and enhance your wellbeing, follow the NHS training plan that gives you the right support for more than running.

If you don’t run regularly or maybe you just need to dust off the trainers first, getting motivated to run is better when you have a plan. No one is asking for zero to hero right away, but these training plans give you an achievable, fun way of challenging yourself and getting fitter.

Pushing further for 10km!

Do you feel confident running for more than 30 minutes? Perhaps you’ve completed 5kms and you’re ready for the next step. The training plans below cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced to help prep and support you with your 10km goals:

A young determined woman rests momentarily during her jog
A man runs up a flight of stairs in the city

You may need a little longer than 4 weeks for this training, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you think you’re ready to take on a half marathon, or improve your pace, take a look at these plans below. Make sure you do your research and stick to the advice.