Calming Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is an awareness of, and focus on, the present.

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Be aware of the present

Mindfulness is an awareness of, and focus on, the present. Thus, practising mindfulness can be, and is, as simple as stopping for a moment and bringing your attention to your current situation and surroundings.

Why is this effective? because often it is the thought of something which stresses us more than the actual event.  In a nutshell, mindfulness puts the brakes on these cycles of non-stop thoughts and worries, allowing you to get on with your day and deal with each thing as it comes. 

It can be difficult in the beginning to cultivate a habit of being mindful. There are some great mindfulness apps available such as Headspace and Calm which are helpful, particularly for beginners, to guide you on being more mindful.  


Be Mindful

You can be mindful anywhere, anytime to focus on the here and now and at least temporarily remove yourself from your thoughts and worries. Wherever you are, stop and look around slowly. Notice what is next to you, in front of you, above you, and below you.

When you are outside, take in the surroundings, the colour of the sky, the buildings around you, or the trees and plants that you can see. Are you alone, are there other people around you? Pay attention to what you can hear. Are there people chatting nearby? Can you hear music? Can you hear traffic? Can you hear the sounds of nature like birds chirping, wind through branches or rain against the window? Inhale and notice if there is an aroma or a fragrance. Notice when the air moves against you and pay attention to the temperature. 


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Be Quiet

These kinds of exercises are simple ways for you to disengage from the busy chaos of life, quieten your inner critic, and reduce your worry and stress.

When you can root your mind in the present, you are less likely to be getting caught up in stressful thoughts. Reducing stress in this way can lead to increased energy levels and overall, an increased feeling of well-being. 


Mindfulness and Meditation with CSSC Life – Be Calm 

Existing CSSC members have access to CSSC life’s mood boosting, self-guided meditation sessions and programmes in our Be Calm section. 

Listen to our 3 to 30 minute videos or follow a programme to clear out negative energy from your mind and promote positive thinking and inner peace.  

Be Calm includes sessions on the below topics.  Granted, calming your mind can be a challenge, but with practice, it can become second nature! 

  • Sleep Aid 
  • Reducing Stress 
  • Self-Compassion 
  • Improving Performance 
  • Increasing Happiness 
  • Reducing Anxiety 

Existing CSSC members can access the content here 


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Meditation and Mindfulness

Download a meditation app and listen to guided mindfulness and meditation for just a few minutes each day. 

Check out CSSC’s short 6 min guided mindfulness session, which can be practiced at any time of the day. 



Article courtesy of CSSC.Life