Get ready for Active Wellbeing 2024

5th December 2023

Back for its sixth year, Active Wellbeing begins on 1 February to run for the whole month. Make sure you’re registered and signed up by 26 January to take part in the fun, inclusive, challenge.

What is Active Wellbeing 

Every year, in collaboration with Government People Group, CSSC host the Active Wellbeing initiative, which provides ALL civil servants and public sector employees with the opportunities, motivation and support to get active, stay mobile and join communities.  

Active Wellbeing 2024 (AW24) is a February-long, engaging programme of sports, challenges, funding, prizes and teamwork, designed to help everyone, develop healthy habits, grow in confidence and feel the physical and emotional benefits of increasing their activity, no matter their experience, ability, or circumstances. 

Everyone is invited to sign up to AW24, and join in with this fun, activity challenge.  

Active Wellbeing Around the World Challenge 

Building on the success of last year’s Around the World Challenge, whereby participants joined a virtual team and logged their daily activity to virtually navigate around the world. This year’s global route embraces the Olympics and Paralympics to visit 20 different historic host cities, where we learn some fascinating facts about each venue. 

Specifically designed to be comprehensively inclusive, anyone can take part, and everyone will benefit from taking part. Whether senior leaders, junior staff, office based, hybrid or working from home, permanent or contractors, the whole of the civil service and public sector are encouraged by HR and managers to join in. 

Map displaying the route of the Active Wellbeing Around the World Challenge. The route starts in Stoke Mandeville and progresses via Canada, North America and down through South America, onto Antarctica, then Australia, up to Japan, cuts through Asia and circles round Europe to finish in Paris.

Removing barriers to getting active 

This year’s AW24 theme is to remove the barriers we all face when wishing to get active. That might be financial barriers with the cost of joining a gym, a lack of time with so much spent either at work or looking after others or it could be emotional, cultural, or practical hurdles we struggle to overcome.  

Active Wellbeing provides the tools, tips, techniques, offers and opportunities to spend time on your health and wellbeing, with a fun, simple, collaborative and engaging challenge, which can be joined through work, with others, on your own or with your family. 

Whatever form of exercise you enjoy (or have to do) it all counts towards your daily target. Whether that be running, walking, canoeing, tennis, wheelchair rugby, skipping, or housework, simply log your daily activity via your phone or smart tech, or manually on the website and the time spent on each activity will be converted to steps and added to the whole team total. If enough people join in and log enough steps, we hope to make it around the entire world, visiting key cities along the way. 

Everybody wins with AW24 

We all need a little motivation to stay active, even if this is your tenth London Marathon or you haven’t played netball since school, it can be hard to get inspired, especially on a cold, rainy January morning 

So, to help keep those of us that need some enticement engaged, we’re giving away some awesome fitness prices throughout AW24. Keep your eyes peeled through February for weekly giveaways and prize draws.  

Man wearing activewear leaning back and cheering with his arms in the air. He is stood on a bridge and there is an urban background including some tall buildings.

Help promote AW24 and get workplace funding 

AW24 offers loads of fully accessible, virtual events, hundreds more opportunities, ideas and tools to increase your activity throughout the challenge. 

Our promoter pack contains everything you need to share AW24 with your entire network. The more people who join in, the further we travel, and the more prizes people can win. It includes all the guidance, resources and promotional materials you’ll need to help everyone get involved, join in and get registered for the challenge by 26 January.  

As a promoter, you can apply for up to £200 workplace funding to organise your own Active Wellbeing event. Whether you’d like sports equipment such as yoga mats, professional instructors to teach a class or simply help and advice to improve your colleagues’ wellbeing, CSSC is here to help.  

Registration couldn’t be simpler 

To find out more or sign up to this year’s AW24 Around the World Challenge, register your details on the link below before Friday 26 January. 

Benefits of Active Wellbeing 

  • A fantastic way to unite teams and colleagues while improving physical activity. 
  • Contributes towards a happy and healthy work-life balance. 
  • Fully inclusive for all departments, locations, teams, grades, ages and abilities. 
  • It’s 100% endorsed and supported by senior leaders across all departments and HRs.  
  • Complements workplace Health & Wellbeing strategies.  
  • Brings hybrid, remote and office-based colleagues together, combating loneliness and depression. 
  • Highlights the numerous benefits of physical and emotional wellbeing. 
  • Supports sustainable behavioural changes. 

Remember to register now and sign up by 26 January.