Wellbeing Workshops

Get ready to embark on a journey to optimise your physical activity, and how to integrate it into your home and work life.

Learn how even small, consistent changes can significantly boost mental and physical wellbeing as well as work productivity. Over the series you will uncover tools and tips to overcome barriers and leverage enablers to integrate activity into your life, in a way that works for YOU.

Physical Activity Foundations and Introduction

How sustainably integrating physical activity into our home and working lives not only benefits our health, happiness, but also our work. Even something is better than nothing.


Tools, Tips for Physical Activity

Very tangible and practical tools to integrating physical activity into your home and professional life. Whether you’re navigating an office, hybrid or fully remote work setup, this video is your toolbox for staying active while excelling in your role – no matter your ability. From quick desk based exercises to more challenging exercises. 

Preventing Musculoskeletal Issues

Delve into preventing Musculoskeletal Issues (MSK) through physical activity. We will also explore the crucial roles of sleep, mental health, and ergonomic work setups in creating a healthy, pain-free work environment. 


Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity

Identify and conquer the barriers hindering your physical activity during home and work hours. Let’s navigate through challenges and build bridges to unlock your potential for a more active work life. 



Crafting your Personal Workplace Action Plan

Develop your personalised physical activity action plan covering barriers, enablers, actions and the benefits activity will bring to all aspects of your life. We will also explore how can you support yourself to update the plan to enable you to sustainably be active even as circumstances change. The aim is to steadily build to recommended levels of activity. 


Wellbeing Action Plan Template [PDF]