Active Wellbeing week 4 of the challenge

Get inspired for Week 4 of the Active Wellbeing 2024 Around-the-World Challenge.

Try 10 minutes of walking mediation and commit to getting outside more this week.



Tools and Tips for Physical Activity by Rener Wellbeing

Very tangible and practical tools to integrating physical activity into your home and professional life. Whether you’re navigating an office, hybrid or fully remote work setup, this video is your toolbox for staying active while excelling in your role – no matter your ability. From quick desk based exercises to more challenging exercises. 

Handy hints from our partners OS Maps

Looking for some ideas and tips to get started? Check out our partner OS Maps for your next adventure.

OS Walking Resources

10 tips to increase your step count

Aiming for 10,000 steps a day improves mental and physical health, explore our ideas to increase your step count this week.

Get your steps in