Active Wellbeing Week 3 of the Challenge

Get inspired for Week 3 of the Active Wellbeing 2024 Around-the-World Challenge.

Try 10 minutes of spine aligning pilates to increase your movement and wellbeing this week.



Preventing Musculoskeletal Issues by Rener Wellbeing

Delve into preventing Musculoskeletal Issues (MSK) through physical activity. We will also explore the crucial roles of sleep, mental health, and ergonomic work setups in creating a healthy, pain-free work environment. 

A runner grins as he stops for a breath

Improve your sleep with physical activity

Exercise is important for sleep, conversely, sleep is just as important as it is for exercise. Find out more about the positive effects of sleep on your wellbeing. 

Physical activity & sleep

15 ways to spend 30 minutes outdoors

Need inspiration? Explore 15 fun ways to get active outdoors this week.

Get outdoors
View of Durdle Door taken from on top of the cliff