Active Wellbeing Week 2 of the Challenge

Get inspired for Week 2 of the Active Wellbeing 2024 Around-the-World Challenge.

Try 10 minutes of Chair Stretches to make the most of your working space to help break up the day and get your movement in.



Crafting your Personal Workplace Action Plan by Rener Wellbeing

Develop your personalised physical activity action plan covering barriers, enablers, actions and the benefits activity will bring to all aspects of your life. We will also explore how can you support yourself to update the plan to enable you to sustainably be active even as circumstances change. The aim is to steadily build to recommended levels of activity. 

Create your wellbeing action plan

Focus on the four prongs of wellbeing; mental health, physical activity, sleep and nutrition to support your journey ahead.

Wellbeing Action Plan Template [PDF]

Activate your office

Help give your team hints, tips and support on how to get their activity in this week for the Around-the-World challenge.

Activate your office [PDF]
Young man on bicycle