Seminars for your wellbeing  

Provided for you from Active Wellbeing, these seminars have now ended, but if you missed them you are welcome to watch the recordings below.

Getting Active In The Workplace

Encouraging employees to be active is good for both business and employee health. For many of us, the workday consists of sitting at a desk for hours on end, which might be putting your health at more risk. 

This seminar will help you find some creative ways to be active at work and encourage others to join in too.  

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Paradance UK - Virtual Dance Session

This is a fun, interactive session lasting for 60 mins run by our partner, Paradance UK. 

With our inclusive dance activity run by Paradance UK, you can have fun moving to the music and meet new people.

If you would like to find out more information about Para Dance UK, please visit their website paradance.org.uk

Access recording here

Optimising Work-Life Balance

Juggling all aspects of life is tough! We all have friends, family, work, relationships and hobbies that we have to find time for, and sometimes it can be overwhelming! 

This seminar will teach you all about how to optimise your lifestyle to include all the things you want to do and prevent you from missing out!

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Active Wellbeing 2022 – Sum up

With our most successful Active Wellbeing Week now at an end, we’re proud to share some of the success stories we’ve heard about throughout the week. And take a look at what’s coming up to help those of us who want to maintain the momentum from Active Wellbeing.

Active Wellbeing 2022 - sum up
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