Getting active and making a change can be a challenge, we're here to reward and incentivise your pledge

 Active Wellbeing 2022 is now over and all prize winners have been contacted.

Read some of the lucky winners stories below.


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Getting involved in Active Wellbeing 2022 really motivated me to become more active every day and to set myself new fitness goals to increase my energy levels as well as have fun doing it


It’s a really good time of year for Active Wellbeing Week. It gets you out of the post-Christmas doldrums and gives you a wee push for the rest of the year. Getting out each day that week reminded me what a difference it makes and I’ve been managing to carry it on since. Perhaps not as much but baby steps are better than none!


At the start of Wellbeing Week I pledged to complete 2 Walking Workouts every day, plus 2 Clubbercise classes every week . The Walking Workouts are low impact and the workouts  vary in length from 5 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes. It’s easy to find time to squeeze the walking workouts into my day. I’ve found working out to music uplifting and the workouts have left me feeling more positive. I even found myself smiling  all the way through the Clubbercise classes! My pledge has really helped me stay motivated  and I intend continuing the activities.


I’m getting married in summer so I set my self a big challenge this month to run 100k. Active wellbeing has helped to keep me motivated and track my progress. This evening I achieved my 100k goal with a week to spare! I’ve attached my completed target.


The Active Wellbeing initiative is the kickstart I needed.


I was struggling to motivate myself to get active. After receiving the initial Active Wellbeing email and the chance to unlock daily badges it gave me the push I needed. My pledge was to increase my step-count, by getting outside, for 30 minutes every day. You will see from my fitbit screenshot I was exceeding 10,000 steps from day 1. I’m back at the gym this week, CSSC active wellbeing 22 really gave me the motivation I needed to get back on track and stay active.


For me, Active Wellbeing 22 has been about re-introducing running into my life after a 3 month break due to health issues. The CSSC initiative has given me the encouragement I needed to reinvigorate and re-establish a regular routine, so I can build up momentum to train for a Spring half marathon. Thankfully we’ve had some much need mild weather, which has definitely helped me get out and about in my local countryside.


I love CSSC. I use it in every area of my life from reduced cinema tickets to theatre subsidies. In lockdown I loved doing gin and chocolate tastings, it meant I always had something fun to do.

My main focus was getting back into the habit of running. Running can be lonely, particularly in Jan when its just you and the cold. Being involved has helped me so much! Particularly even when I felt like I had a really bad run I could track how much it was improving my mental health and sleep and encouraging me to keep going!


I decided to take the Active Wellbeing challenge this year because I realised that I was sitting too long at my desk during the week. I chose to make sure I took a lunch break and I used that time to take my dog out for a walk. Getting out during the day while it was light really made me feel more alert and able to focus in the afternoon and the dog loved it too. A real wellbeing hit

Stephanie H

I saw Active Wellbeing 2022 in the CSSC newsletter and thought it seemed like a good way to make me actually fulfil my new years resolution of being more active! I started running during the first lockdown and had stopped as life starts to get back to normal. During January I’ve started going on long walks when I have the time and signed up to a 10k in August! I’m excited to use my new Garmin to help me continue!


Taking part in the Active Wellbeing challenge in January motivated me to take time away from my desk and get some fresh air!  I’ll definitely be signing up for more challenges.


An ‘Active Wellbeing’ notification appeared in my inbox at the right time as the mid-January slump was starting to take its toll. The nudge to reaffirm my pledges to myself was the drive I needed to take the stairs instead of the lift, and to go for a walk at lunch time instead of sitting in a different chair. I thank the Active Wellbeing team for helping me get through January, which is always a tough month