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Sometimes we all need that little nudge to get us started and that’s where our pledges come in.

By making a simple pledge you’re sharing how you aim to become more active. It can be as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. The important thing is that you’re taking steps towards a healthier you.

Just by making a pledge we’ll give you a FREE Hussle Day Pass for a gym of your choice to kick start your pledge in style.

And it gets better…

We’re also giving away daily spot prizes of fitness trackers, experience days and even adventure holidays to France, to name a few.

And better…

Because that’s not all. You could win £2,500 worth of Thomas Cook holiday vouchers for making your pledge. A perfect way to celebrate a new you in style.

To increase my daily step count to 15000 every day
Ken NewbrookNorth East
I pledge to do High Impact Training at least three times a week.
Michael HoughtonMidlands
30 minute fast walk every day this month
Alison TomkinsSouth West
To ensure I eat my 5 fruit & veg every day, by swapping snacks to fruit in the office!
Annabel WrightLondon
To run a full marathon before I am 50 years old which will be 3rd August 2020. Never done it before.
Yasir Khan Midlands
I pledge to stop making excuses and make more time for exercise and eating healthily
Charlotte MillsMidlands
To walk to work when I am working locally and when working at a further distance away from home to g
Paula FarrarMidlands
I pledge to keep going with my cardiac rehabilitation after having open heart surgery.
Derrick FawcettMidlands
I pledge to stop eating lunch at my desk and to take a walk instead.
Jo DebnamLondon
I pledge to re/introduce 5 women to Netball.
Daxa OdedraLondon
I pledge not to use the office canteen and bring a healthy lunch. Not just this week but for good x
Sharon ThorneSouth West
I pledge to participate in all of the wellbeing activities taking place at DM Beith. Æ
Andrew ErrochScotland
I pledge to run up the stairs, turn round and do it again !, every time..
carole BryceSouth
I pledge to do 30 minutes of activity a day.
Emma RingroseMidlands
To bike 60-90 miles per week
Dawn HomanYorkshire
I pledge to walk at least 10,000 steps a day and drink 2 litres of water.
Chris HuytonNorth West
I pledge to achieve at least 10,000 steps every day in July.
Abi HannLondon
I aim to attend Spin classes at my gym 3 times a week.
Darren GrayScotland
I pledge to get out of the office every lunchtime and have a short walk in the city.
Rachel CawleyNorth West
Spinning Class on Monday, Yoga on Thursday then York parkrun on Saturday.
Rob DaviesYorkshire
I pledge to go to a local gym at least twice a week, either during my lunch break or the evenings.
Taj GulLondon
I pledge to walk to work everyday, take up jogging again, and use the stairs where possible.
Jonathan HoodMidlands
I pledge to go to the gym twice a week
Mary HylandMidlands
I pledge to park my car 2 km from my place of work and walk an extra 4 km every day!
John KhanLondon
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