Meet Julianna

"Making a pledge was the motivation I needed to kick-start healthier habits"

Meet Stephen

"Making a pledge helped me set a new challenge after my life changing 12 stone weight loss"

Sometimes we all need that little nudge to get us started and that’s where our pledges come in.

By making a simple pledge you’re sharing how you aim to become more active. It can be as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. The important thing is that you’re taking steps towards a healthier you.

I pledge to run 5km a week with my son, to build my fitness and spend time just with him
Richard HarrisonNorth West
I will walk the dog further every day & practice mindfulness & volunteer more at arboretum
Fraser FlemingSouth West
I pledge to motivate my colleagues to walk at least a mile throughout the month of July.
Fasil OnimoleNorth West
I will complete my couch to 5k
Sarah WisbeyEastern
I pledge to increase my walking and attend the gym twice this week
Mary HylandMidlands
I pledge to meditate daily and to take part in my first showjumping since I was 16 (now 45)
Samantha CarpenterEastern
I pledge to finally finish couch to 5K and do a park run with my family
Kathryn MorelandNorth East
I pledge to be honest to my body & mind and use exercise as a pleasure rather than a pressure
Ella HoggSouth West
To exercise for 35 minutes a day and follow a healthy eating plan.
Charlotte FewkesMidlands
I pledge to complete the couch to 5k to enable me to run 5k by August
margaret gregoryNorth West
I pledge to improve my health, fitness and mental wellbeing by exercising daily
Abbas FazilLondon
I pledge to take an hour of "Me Time" every day, to do something I enjoy.
Michelle DreweSouth West
I pledge to put me time aside for my mental wellbeing every day,
Alexis DuttonLondon
I pledge to run an additional 5km this week!
Tom PoulterLondon
I pledge to volunteer to help get my new local park run started in Clevedon, North Somerset
Tom CindereySouth West
To walk or swim an hour every day
Theresa MorlNorth East
To get fit and run the London Marathon for charity in 2020
Karen MartindaleMidlands
I pledge to run, cycle and swim at least once a week and to encourage those interested in joining in
Mark HarmanSouth
I pledge to use the stairs today instead of the lifts at work.
Deana BellMidlands
I pledge to spend less time on my phone and more time being active.
Luke stubbingsSouth
I will be making time for daily mindful meditations & using my cross trainer 3 times a week
Aneeka TappendenSouth East
I pledge to download the PAM Life App to manage my wellbeing.
Michelle LittlefieldSouth East
I pledge to run 20 miles during Active Wellbeing Week
Sam JohnstoneScotland
I pledge to reduce my carbon footprint by walking, and talking public transport where possible.
Rebecca MatthewsSouth East
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