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"Making a pledge helped me set a new challenge after my life changing 12 stone weight loss"

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Sometimes we all need that little nudge to get us started and that’s where our pledges come in.

By making a simple pledge you’re sharing how you aim to become more active. It can be as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. The important thing is that you’re taking steps towards a healthier you.

Just by making a pledge we’ll give you a FREE Hussle Day Pass for a gym of your choice to kick start your pledge in style.

And it gets better…

We’re also giving away daily spot prizes of fitness trackers, experience days and even adventure holidays to France, to name a few.

And better…

Because that’s not all. You could win £2,500 worth of Thomas Cook holiday vouchers for making your pledge. A perfect way to celebrate a new you in style.

I am doing the race for life on Sunday 7th July.
To go to bed earlier so I can get up early enough to fit in a run, yoga or gardening before work!
Vicki WebbLondon
Pledge to get out for a walk at lunch time or walk to/from work each day
Julie GarbettYorkshire
I pledge to go for an outdoor walk/jog one eve a week ....nourishment for body & mind!
Emma DempseyLondon
I pledge to improve on my running hopefully to run 1 mile in under 9 minutes.
Claire MetcalfeNorth East
To enjoy my exercise and get physical becauseits FUN!
Verity Holley South East
I pledge to run at least 3 times a week.
Tabitha MartinsonWales
To run at least a mile everyday
Zoe Sowerby South East
I will run 2 kilometres every week
Chris Della-PortaSouth West
i pledge to exercise 3 times a week and also complete 10,000 per day
Angela ScarfeNorth East
I pledge to to do some form of exercise with my children every week
Tim PriorEastern
I pledge to exercise for an hour a day to improve body fitness and mental wellbeing
vicky currieSouth West
i pledge to play a minimum of one round of golf per week to help with counteracting my depression
Anguss CookScotland
Cycle to work. It's not only good for health & wellbeing but saves me money, and is green!
Chloe StevensNorth West
Maintain recent weight lost (via food poisoning!) with healthier food choices + my exercise routines
Neil CarterSouth West
I pledge to always take the stairs, always go for a walk on Sunday and visit my gym 3 times a week.
Rebecca AshbyWales
I pledge to run 5km a week with my son, to build my fitness and spend time just with him
Richard HarrisonNorth West
I will walk the dog further every day & practice mindfulness & volunteer more at arboretum
Fraser FlemingSouth West
I pledge to motivate my colleagues to walk at least a mile throughout the month of July.
Fasil OnimoleNorth West
To participate in group exercises at my office gym at least twice a week.
Gloria UmeadiSouth West
To walk over 10,000 steps a day
Jessica WilliamsLondon
I pledge to exercise everyday for a month to kick off my pre season!
Ellie RiceSouth
I pledge to cycle to work every day.
Iain CampbellScotland
I pledge to carry on with at least days of activities a week to support my Marathon prep
Kinga ZawiszaSouth West
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