Active Wellbeing 2023 – Workplace Funding Success Stories

30th November 2023

Active Wellbeing is CSSC’s joint initiative with Government People Group to help members of the civil service and public sector to stay active and feel the benefits of physical movement.

In the six years CSSC have been hosting Active Wellbeing, we’ve seen more and more people sign up, join in, engage and enjoy the comprehensive, inclusive events. And last year has been no exception with record numbers of colleagues getting involved.

Thanks to CSSC’s network of communities, members have been in touch to tell us how much they would like to increase their activity, but often struggle to find the time to exercise. Some lack the courage or inclination to work out. While others simply don’t know where to start or how to find an activity they enjoy. Which is why this year’s Active Wellbeing (AW24) theme is helping to remove the hurdles and barriers that many people face when getting active.

One of those barriers many people face when looking to stay active is keeping motivated and feeling inspired. It stands to reason that if you enjoy exercise, you’ll do it more often and reap greater rewards. So, for this reason CSSC have introduced a fun, competitive element to Active Wellbeing.

Workplace Funding

Another barrier people face when getting active is finding the time to spend on their wellbeing. Our busy personal and professional lives, usually take over, leaving very little time for ourselves.

And so, CSSC’s workplace funding initiatives provide financial funding for teams and individuals to organise, set up and run workplace activities. Funding can help pay for equipment, instructors, tuition, or venues to host events. These can range from workout classes like yoga or Pilates, lunchtime sports like 5-a-side football or netball. Or even guided walks or meditation classes.

Hear from some of your colleagues from across the civil service and public sector who benefited from CSSC’s workplace funding during Active Wellbeing 2023.

Group Exercise Classes – The Probation Service – Littlehampton, West Sussex 

The wellbeing fitness sessions went down really well and were enjoyed by all those who attended.

“It was lovely to get out of the office to engage in some physical activity, which was excellent for our emotional wellbeing and mental health. A number of us have maintained these sessions on a Friday morning following the funding expiring.”

A group of four people flexing their biceps in a gym with various exercise equipment around them.

Badminton League – Probation Service  – East Kent

“We had a badminton league, which was well attended, resulting in some really positive feedback from the staff at the Probation Service.”

“Staff loved the time out to be active with colleagues away from the office. It was great for team building and to burn off some energy. We Really enjoyed it.”

“I also purchased three yoga mats for anyone to use in our wellbeing room.”

A group of people stood on a badminton court in a gym. They are about to play badminton and have an excited and energetic expression.

Games at the Park – Department of Trade -South Yorkshire

They found that making time to spend with team members outside the intense work environment was incredibly important and hugely beneficial, not only for wellbeing, but also for long-term team building.

“This was a great opportunity to spend some quality time with colleagues in an informal setting. Active, social events like this help build our team spirit and have a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.”

“As we’re always so busy and colleagues work across various locations, it was great to be able to spend time together, getting to know colleagues better and on a personal level too. Usually when we are together as a team, it’s purely work related and not much chance to socially chat. I think it’s just what we needed as a team right now! It was a really enjoyable and beneficial day.”

A group of people playing a bat and ball game on a sunny day in a park with cars parked in the background

Home Office – Liverpool hub – Yoga

Purchased yoga mats, blocks and stretch bands to offer free yoga sessions to staff. Such was the popularity, they have rolled this out to make it accessible to all 4,000 staff on the Home Office Liverpool campus.

“We just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for your kindness and financial support it has been greatly appreciated. Feedback from staff who attended the first session has been amazing.”

“The event was fabulous. We’ve been inundated with requests from staff to come to the events and already have a reserve list set up for our monthly sessions.”

“In LVH we are very proud of our efforts to get these events off the ground. We all share in the feel-good factor of making a difference to staff wellbeing across so many departments in Liverpool, by sharing the equipment.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for putting this on, I honestly really enjoyed it. I didn’t know what to expect as I have never done yoga before, but I really enjoyed it and would jump at the chance to have a go again.  I’ll be telling people in the office how good it was.”

A group of people in doing yoga and bending forward in child's pose.

HMRC – Walk – Olympic Park, Stratford

“A group of us undertook a walk around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, visiting landmark sites along the way.”

“We provided water bottles to each member. These are ‘Bottle Up’ renewable bottles made from plant-based, sugar cain plastic and BPA free. We filled with natural spring water from sustainable sources and made a charity donation for each bottle purchased to MADE BLUE who provide safe drinking water to at-risk communities in developing countries.”

“Participants loved the idea that not only were they contributing to reducing single use plastics, but also helping communities around the world at the same time.”

A diverse group of people stood beneath a large old bell on a sunny day in Stratford. They are stood on a grassy area with trees and buildings in the background. The bell is mounted on a metal frame with four legs and has a clapper hanging from the inside.