Bust Stress to Boost Energy

It is easy to underestimate the role that stress plays on our health and energy levels as it has become just commonplace in our everyday lives, but stress has a very real physical effect on our bodies. 

Energy Levels

Stress is a massive strain on energy levels. You don’t have to be followed by a lion to feel the effects of stress. Deadlines, increasing workloads and the compatibility of work and family can lead to increased stress levels. This means an increase in the release of the fight or flight hormone cortisol. 

Common Side Effects of Stress
  • Fatigue 
  • Low mood 
  • Rapid heartbeat 
  • Tense muscles 
  • Headaches 
  • Feeling irritated/agitated 
  • Sleeping problems 
  • Breathlessness 
  • Difficulty concentrating 
  • Racing thoughts 
Manage Stress

Stress can drain your energy levels and it is extremely important to manage stress if you feel that it is negatively impacting your energy levels. 

A small amount of stress can be healthy as it can motivate us and help prepare us for challenges in life. However, when this balance tips into high-stress levels it can cause you to feel unwell. If you continuously experience excess stress this can lead to fatigue, exhaustion and eventually burn-out. 

What can you do?

So, what can you do to combat stress and boost your energy levels? 

The first thing to note is that stress comes in many forms and doesn’t go anywhere quickly. When one cause of stress disappears from your life, another seems to appear just as quickly. Well, if stress is getting nowhere how can you deal with it? A strategy that alters your response to stress, one effective way to do this is by practising mindfulness. 

Stress can be a result of getting caught up in your thoughts, your worries, your to-do list etc. Have you ever woken up feeling stressed thinking about everything that you need to do that day? This is where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness is an awareness of, and focus on, the present. It can be difficult in the beginning to cultivate a habit of being mindful. There are some great apps available such as Headspace and Calm which are helpful, particularly for beginners, to guide you on being more mindful. We would usually recommend to start with 10mins of mindfulness practise either first thing in the morning or straight before bed. 

Meditation and Mindfulness

Download a meditation app and listen to guided mindfulness meditation for just 10 mins a day before bed for the next 4 days. You should notice that you fall asleep quicker and sleep sounder. This will help to increase your energy levels. 

Mental Health Awareness

CSSC also have a dedicated web page for mental health awareness with lots of hints and tips and tools and resources that may also help with stress relief.