Active Wellbeing 2022

With our most successful Active Wellbeing Week now at an end, we’re proud to share some of the success stories we’ve heard about throughout the week. And take a look at what’s coming up to help those of us who want to maintain the momentum from Active Wellbeing.


The Fun Doesn't Have To Stop!

Thanks to everyone who got involved and made this Active Wellbeing our best ever! We hope you enjoyed the celebrations and plan to continue your healthy habits throughout the year.

There’s loads of brilliant activities throughout the CSSC calendar to help members either try a new sport, improve their skills or perhaps just to keep active. Why not discover your best self and explore CSSC’s range of sports, fitness, games or activities available to members.

A Week In Numbers

We’re so proud of everyone who took part in this year’s Active Wellbeing. You collected more badges, downloaded more packs and made more pledges than ever before. Making this year’s AW the most enjoyable and most inclusive yet.

7,000 badges won

Over 1,200 digipaks downloaded

3,600 pledges

Over 7,000 participants

More than 50 prizes worth over 10,000

70 Departments all over the UK got involved

But, some of our favourite stories weren’t about collecting badges or winning prizes with AW22. It was hearing how people used Active Wellbeing as a springboard to try something new.

Word Gets Around

So many of you got in touch to say you went out for a walk on the first Monday to explore your local area and haven’t stopped exploring since. Some of you have told us how much better you feel for getting in just 20 minutes exercise each day with a simple stretch and walk at lunchtime.

And it’s those of you who contacted us on social media to show us where you’ve been exploring with your loved ones and furry friends, which reminds us how important Active Wellbeing is, to help people move more, have fun and stay active.

By spreading the word and getting hundreds of friends, colleagues, teams and family members involved, it really propelled Active Wellbeing 2022 into the future and made the campaign our best ever.

Participant Feedback

“After working from home for such a long time, I was looking for something I could do before work to get me going. I pledged to do a before work exercise or mindfulness activity every work day with Active Wellbeing 2022. It got my ball rolling, and in doing so I discovered the classes available on my CSSC account to keep me motivated. I plan to keep up these activities, as I am feeling physically and mentally improved”.  Barry – HM Revenue and Customs

“Pledging to be more active through the Active Wellbeing 2022 program is part of a suite of lifestyle changes I have made over the past few months in an effort to be more fit and healthy. It’s a great initiative to help keep people accountable in their goals while also providing a fun incentive”. Tori – UK Statistics Authority

“An ‘Active Wellbeing’ notification appeared in my inbox at the right time as the mid-January slump was starting to take its toll. The nudge to reaffirm my pledges to myself was the drive I needed to take the stairs instead of the lift, and to go for a walk at lunch time instead of sitting in a different chair. I thank the Active Wellbeing team for helping me get through January, which is always a tough month.” Brian

Active Wellbeing 2022 Is Just The Beginning

Celebrating AW22 in January was more than just a great way to help people with their New Year resolutions. It was to make sure we start the year off the right way and to open the doors for much healthier and happier 2022. And that’s where you come in.

If you’ve been inspired by either taking part in or reading about Active Wellbeing, why not plan your own wellbeing week with your colleagues or family? Perhaps you’d like to organise table tennis tournaments or yoga sessions. Maybe you’d like to use your free OS Maps subscription to explore some hidden gems?

Whatever you’d like to do, why not get in touch with CSSC to find out how we might be able to support your activity or event with our tools, tips, experience, resources or funding.

Get in touch at: activewellbeing@cssc.co.uk

About CSSC

CSSC is here to look out for those who give their all, supporting the country and its people. Whether it’s across the civil service or public sector, we look after the people who have chosen to put their time and energy into others: serving them, protecting them, healing them, teaching them.

When we formed 100 years ago it was in the hope that, through sports we could inspire and encourage the whole of the civil service to unite, draw strength and feel empowered with CSSC. And our vision has never changed in over a century.

So today, through our communities, events, advice and guidance, and an unparalleled range of discounts and offers, we aim to help those in the civil service and public sector make the most of their leisure time. To relax and recharge, so that they may remain the best possible version of themselves.


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