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Getting your colleagues active increases physical and mental wellbeing. It’s easy to understand how an active lifestyle will reduce health risks and increase physical fitness, but a workplace that supports wellbeing also helps to reduce stress and improve adaptability. It will increase energy and brain functionality, which will improve morale, engagement and productivity.

Through the Active Wellbeing Week, CSSC wants to ignite your workplace to help make a change and increase the opportunity for you and your colleagues to thrive at work.

‘Throughout the UK, 16 million days per year are lost to ill health and wellbeing issues.’

Public Health England show us that if we increase activity in the workplace, then productivity also increases. Why not activate your office to make sure productivity reaches an all-time high?

We know it can often be a hard task, and that’s why we’ve got plenty of resources, from our handy ‘how to’ guides that show you how to set up a CSSC funded activity, or some challenges to ignite your office with competition. We want you try something new for Active Wellbeing Week to improve the wellbeing of your workplace.

How to organise...a lunchtime walk

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How to organise...an exercise class

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How to organise...table tennis

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Funding Available 

Let CSSC assist with the funding and planning of a workplace activity for you and your colleagues.



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Do your colleagues tend to sit at their desks for long periods of time? Follow these gentle desk based exercises to stretch, flex and loosen stiff muscles and joints.

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Team step challenge

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Individual step challenge

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How to advertise your activities

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Workplace Bingo Cards

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Top Ten Tips

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Activity Sign Up Sheet

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