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All the tools and resources to support you in making that all important change.

Making a change to get more active and improve your wellbeing can be a challenge. With so much information out there, it can be daunting looking for the right information for you. That’s why we’re here to offer a wide range of guidance and support to get you up and moving. We’ve done the hard work and put together specific resources thelp you with whatever change youve chosen to make. Whether it’s getting outdoors, taking time for others or improving your worklife balance; theres something for everyone. 

Man walking his dog through the woods on a misty winters day

Active Outdoors

Although January isn’t popular for its warm and inviting weather to exercise. Now, more than ever its vital we get outdoors and fill our lungs with fresh air. With the addition of a few more winter layers and our support tools to help, we can get fitter together. 

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Active Indoors

Whether you’vbeen a homeworkout pro since lockdown or finally caving into the idea of yoga in your kitchen, our support tools will give you the guidance you need to fit activity into even your busiest days.  

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Family dancing in the lounge
Two women are on a winter walk together in the woods, all wrapped up

Active Together

Giving and sharing time with the world can be some of the most precious time spent. Follow our ideas on how to dedicate more time to others, either with loved ones, through volunteering or tips on greener ways to exercise. 

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Active Worklife

Work/life balance is hard enough, but even more challenging if you must work from home. Use our resources to take control of your happiness and productivity by improving your wellbeing at work. 

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A man sitting at his home work desk pauses to stretch, with his left arm behind his back