What’s new for 2021?

8th December 2020

Active Wellbeing Week 2019 was our best ever, with thousands of people signing up and pledging to increase their activity levels.

Some, knocked socks off their personal bests, others picked up a table tennis bat for the first time in 20 years, while many thousands of you went for a daily walk at lunchtime or simply took time out for yourselves with mindfulness and yoga.

So, how do we top that?

Easy. We’ve made it longer, more interactive and loads more fun. This year’s Active Wellbeing (AW21) takes place over 30 days, or 30 nights if you’re a night owl.

“Reach weekly milestones, unlock virtual badges and get rewarded”

We’ve introduced some truly engaging elements to help you grow and increase your movement, plus you can reach weekly milestones, unlock virtual badges and get rewarded along the way. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got some superb prize draws and give-aways throughout the month.

Building positive habits

Starting on 18 January, this year’s Active Wellbeing is sticking around until 15 February. That’s right! AW21 is four weeks of pure inspiration to help start, maintain or see your pledges through to the end.

Research suggests that with 30 days of support, you’re much more likely to succeed in whatever targets you set yourself. It gives you plenty of time to find your feet, especially with a new activity and allows you to start off slowly and build your confidence and stamina.

“Habits take time to develop”

This year’s AW21 theme is making permanent behavioural changes and forming new habits to take through 2021 and hopefully beyond. But habits can take time to develop. Which is why, especially with our help and resources, in 30 days everyone can find something they’re going to enjoy and will begin to form a positive new habit, which you take forward on your journey to building new behaviour.

Feeling resourceful?

Every year CSSC provide loads of fantastic resources, tools, tips and practical advice to help you reach and smash through your goals. But this year, we’ve got loads more.

From 18 January we will have tutorials and advice from professionals, plus stories from past participants to help inspire and encourage you. You’ll see advice on nutrition, equipment, clothing and which smart tech might be helpful. Basically, you’ll have everything you need to find an activity which suits your goals and all you need to increase your skill level, reach your goals and boost your confidence.

Small steps, big rewards with CSSC

Of course, it wouldn’t be Active Wellbeing without our famous pledging, back for its third successive year. But, in 2021, it’s back with a significant twist.

Not only can you choose from hundreds of different ways to get moving, you can also choose how much help you need, to suit your skill and experience.

“Track your progress online”

For everyone who makes a pledge you’ll be able to track your progress online. You’ll be rewarded with badges to collect every week you update us with your journey. And at the end of the month, we’ll enter you into our grand prize draw to win some truly top prizes.

This year promises to be our most comprehensive Active Wellbeing ever. And we look forward to helping you reach your goals and achievements.