Volunteer Pledges: Webcast

8th February 2021

Scott, Steven and Dan are joined by three major advocates for Active Wellbeing, as they discuss their pledges, the goals they have set themselves and how they are achieving them during AW21.

Alison Hinch

Alison was an Active wellbeing 2019 champion, she has used a love of swimming to inspire herself. Alison said “swimming has brought new friends, helped me to focus my mind and has improved my mood”.

Roger Kasper

Roger, another Active Wellbeing 2019 champion and has found a passion for running through CSSC and Active Wellbeing. It has helped him become fitter and healthier than ever before.

Barbara Sparshott

Barbara is part of the CSSC Running Advice Surgery team. With years of experience within the running world, she is ideally placed to help any new runners at the start of their running adventure or those looking to take their running to the next level.

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