Top tips on creating your own pledge

8th June 2018

We’ve been enjoying reading all of the different pledges that are already coming in there’s so much enthusiasm towards the campaign and we can’t wait to see these pledges in action over Active Wellbeing Week!

It can be difficult setting yourself an achievable personal goal. Are you in need of a little inspiration to get you going? We’ve broken the whole thinking process down into three simple steps for you to help you decide!

1. Follow your passion

It might be easier to simply start with what you know. Consider the next few questions to get your creative juices flowing. What do you like doing for exercise? Is there something that you do regularly? What are your hobbies? What do you wish you could do more of?

To get the most out of your pledge, it could be worth tapping into an activity or exercise that you already love. Perhaps there is something you wish you could do more often or you’re trying to get into your regular routine. Let this be your opportunity to try altering your schedule towards the healthier lifestyle that you want.

If you already have a regular routine, approach your inner competitive side, take it up a level. Fit in another training session, add another lap, sign up for another event. Boost up your routine during Active Wellbeing Week and it could be the shift in gear you’ve been looking for.

2. Keep it simple

Goals are far easier to achieve once you’ve broken them down into smaller targets. Ask yourself whether the pledge you’re considering is going to be achievable. For example, it may be unrealistic to pledge that you ‘will run a marathon during Active Wellbeing Week’ if you’re not a regular long distance runner! Either focus on your current interests or the first steps of trying something new. Your pledge will be a simple sentence starting with “I will”.

3. Become your own motivator

As soon as you’ve thought of your pledge, make sure you submit your pledge on the website and why not even get it written on your speech bubble board and upload it here as soon as possible! Share your plans with your peers, let your friends and family know what you’re going to be up to and take pride in your pledge. The more you talk about it the more you’ll be itching to work towards achieving your goal.