Meet these inspirational individuals…

9th May 2019

‘Every little helps your physical and mental wellbeing’

What better way to inspire you than knowing that Active Wellbeing Week can bring significant positive change to your life, than hearing real life stories from these 6 individuals who are now championing an active wellbeing lifestyle!

These individuals decided to make a change, big or small, to leap towards leading a healthier lifestyle. Whether it is lowering their cholesterol, remaining active at work, or overcoming a mental health problem – these guys are happier and healthier since they made a change!

If you need some motivation on why you should get involved then look no further, read their stories here to find out how regular civil servants like you manage to fit in time to get more active and champion their way to a happy and active life.

The first step is simple! It all starts with a pledge, which can be however challenging you want to make it. Once you have made that first step, visit the support section of the website for all the tools and resources you need to get started and keep up your pledge. You can also encourage others to make a pledge too by spreading the word on Active Wellbeing Week and ordering a workplace pack to decorate and grow awareness in your office. You could even organise an activity for you and your colleagues through our activity funding scheme.

We are here to support you with your quest to champion a better lifestyle and maybe next year we could be showcasing your inspirational story!