Last Minute Ideas

28th June 2019

Are you ready to shake, rattle or roll this Active Wellbeing Week?

We’d love to see your whole office getting involved and joining in the fun. But if you’re looking for some last minute inspiration to get your office moving, then we’ve got some fab ideas that don’t need much planning, equipment or space.

These ideas are sure to get the blood pumping and the mind unwinding…

  • Take your step count to the next level by taking the stairs for the week.
  • Step count competition – Use our handy tool to keep track of your step count.
  • Use our logbook to keep track of the exercise you’re getting this week and see how you can make each day more active than the last.
  • Treasure hunt – Hide clues around the office and follow the map.
  • Chairobics – Use our short Chairobics video for some gentle desk based exercise.
  • Organise a healthy buffet – Everyone can bring in a healthy dish each and enjoy your feast as a team.
  • Exercise bingo – List some gentle to moderate exercises on a sheet and circulate to your colleagues. Tick them off when they’re completed. Things like 1 stretch, 5 press-ups, 10 star jumps, 100 steps. Include something for everyone and compete in your teams or on your own.
  • Balloon volley ball – All you need is a balloon and a bit or string tied across the room, or perhaps just use a paper aeroplane and a bank of desks as your net.
  • A friendly game – Football or rounders at lunchtime is a great way to get some fresh air, get the heart beating and have fun.
  • Swap the car for a bike – Get off the bus one stop sooner or park a little further away and walk the rest of the journey.
  • Tag relay races – Set out a safe course around the office or outside and compete amongst your teams.
  • Dance Flash mob – Randomly play short clips of music throughout the week. Get up and move whenever you hear it and the last person dancing or most creative dancer is the winner.

However you choose to celebrate Active Wellbeing Week, try and have fun. You’re much more likely to maintain the momentum if you enjoy what you’re doing and you’re much more likely to enjoy what you’re doing if you share it with your friends.

Make sure you check back in to the Active Wellbeing Website every day throughout Active Wellbeing Week for more ideas, hints and tips and to check if you’ve won one of our awesome prizes.

Good luck, have fun.