Inspire your workplace

21st June 2019

When someone says to you “we’re going to be launching a new initiative” or “we’re holding a flagship event”, your mind may naturally stray to the sparkle. You imagine giant balloons, banners, curtain reveals, ribbon cutting, glitter and confetti, the works.

Last year, we held three flagship events, across the UK, to kick off Active Wellbeing Week for the first time. But they weren’t fancy, they didn’t need to be, they needed to be effective.

Our aim was simple; inspire a mind-set change to look after your wellbeing. It was a classic ‘Field of Dreams’ moment – “If you build it, they will come”. So we hit the road and paid Cardiff, Edinburgh and London a visit throughout the week. It was really important for us to lead the charge and show how simple it was to set up an activity. So we found a space in each location to run ‘Lunchtime Stretch’ sessions and invited Civil Servants and public sector employees to join us on their break. We asked local activity instructors and pilates teachers to show everyone what they could do by themselves on a daily basis. We encouraged the Civil Service to step away from their work stations at lunch, take a breather and enjoy a gentle stretch. It’s amazing how effective something as simple as fresh air and stretching can be for clearing your mind.

This year, we’ve poured our passion for Active Wellbeing Week into helping organisations arrange their own activity. Using initiatives such as free workplace packs, tutorials and funding towards onsite activities.

Need a little inspiration? Watch this.