CSSC life Seminars

5th January 2022

Managing our work-life balance to find that happy medium of being productive and content at work, whilst maximising and enjoying our free time, can often feel like a mammoth task. Conflicting demands on our time and energy can make us feel stretched and pulled in different directions. But it doesn’t have to feel like this, book onto one of our exclusive seminars to manage the balance, with tools, tips and guidance especially for Active Wellbeing.

Spaces are limited to these ever-popular seminars, so sign up today. These seminars will be held via Slido, once booked on you will be sent the joining information closer to the date of the seminar. 

Getting active in the workplace seminar – 12:00-13:00 on Tuesday 18 January  

Encouraging employees to be active is good for both business and employee health. For many of us, the workday consists of sitting at a desk for hours on end, which might be putting your health at more risk. 

Since running to the gym or taking a class mid-day isn’t always an option, it’s important to find other ways to incorporate exercise into your day to boost energy, productivity and improve overall health. 

This seminar will help you find some creative ways to be active at work and encourage others to join in too. 

Paradance -18.00-19.00 on Wednesday 19 January

This is a virtual session, so you can join in from wherever you are and let the beat of the music flow through you. This is a fun, interactive session lasting for 60 mins run by our partner, Paradance. 

With our inclusive dance activity run by Paradance, you can have fun moving to the music and meet new people.

Optimising work life balance seminar – 12:00-13:00 on Thursday 20 January 

Juggling all aspects of life is tough! We all have friends, family, work, relationships and hobbies and sometimes it can be overwhelming! It can be difficult to find a good balance and find time to do the things you love. 

This seminar is all about how to optimise your lifestyle to include all the things you want to do and prevent you from missing out! There are plenty of strategies you can implement to prioritise your life goals and promote an appropriate balance in your life, this seminar will offer advice on how best to deal with all the things that are on your plate! 

CSSC in your corner

With CSSC in your corner as your health and wellbeing partner, you can challenge the idea that work and social lives should be kept separate. As an exclusive membership for the civil service and public sectors, CSSC offers a huge range of activities, opportunities and communities to help maximise your free time with friends, family, colleagues and teams.

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CSSC Life for your wellbeing

These seminars are run by CSSC life which is a comprehensive health and wellbeing platform, which provides hundreds of unique and holistic experiences, seminars, classes, courses, advice and tuition on everything you need to improve and maintain your health, wellbeing and happiness, both inside and outside of work.

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