CSSC’s Big Birthday

2nd December 2021

In 1921 the Civil Service Sports Council was born out of the imagination of four senior civil servants, who recognised the need and benefit of using sport and friendly competition to unify the civil service and improve health and wellbeing.

“Our vision is still the same”

Now, 100 year later, CSSC may have grown to over 150,000 members nationwide, but our vision is still the same. To provide our members with opportunities to improve their health and wellbeing through sports, leisure and recreation.  

Health and Wellbeing through the years 

CSSC have always introduced new activities and initiatives to help our members stay active and to improve their wellbeing. And in modern times, the need to increase mobility, participation and camaraderie has never been more pressing.  

1921: CSSC Formed 

The Civil Service Sports Council was conceived to bring strength and unity to the civil service at the end of WWI. 

1922: Representative Games 

The first representative cricket match was played between the CSSC team and the RAF, (the CSSC side won, but we’re not counting). 

1965: ‘Fifty grounds in forty years’ 

The CSSC boasted 70 sports grounds and club houses, plus 14 locations for water sports, all around the country.  

1972: Olympic Games Support 

The Civil Service Sports Council helped to raise money to send a British team to the Olympic Games. 

1989: Health and Fitness Centres 

In August 1989, CSSC launched the Health and Fitness Centre scheme, making CSSC the UK’s largest provider of corporate fitness. 

2003: First CSSC Games held 

CSSC have hosted 27 different sports, every two years in our most prestigious sporting event. 

2018: The inaugural Active Wellbeing Week 

CSSC and CSHR launched the first ever active wellbeing week to encourage members of the public-sector and civil service to participate in sports and activities. 

2022 and beyond 

This year promises to be our most exciting, interactive and engaging ever. It’s our centenary year, which we’ve packed full of truly spectacular games and events to celebrate our birthday. And we invite you to join in the festivities and become part of our history.

“Start the year off with a bang”

We’re also hosting our biggest Active Wellbeing campaign ever, to start the year off with a bang.   

Active Wellbeing 2022

Throughout the last 100 years we’ve been passionate about looking after the civil service and improving the health and wellbeing of the public sector. Which is why, on 17 January we’re launching our fourth Active Wellbeing, which promises to be our best ever. 

“Develop new habits and form new permanent behaviours”

For a week, we’re helping everyone to increase their mobility and to get involved in sports and activities, with a series of fun and engaging initiatives. We can help people develop new habits and form new permanent behaviours, so keeping active simply becomes part of their routine.

We invite everyone to make a pledge to get involved. To share and celebrate their successes and milestones with their friends, families and colleagues. And get rewarded along the way, not just with prizes and collectable badges, but with a new, healthier outlook and ambitions.  

We hope you can join us on 17 January for the best start to the year you’ve ever had. Find out more to get involved. 

Hope to see you there.