Behind the Scenes: Chairobics Video

8th May 2019

Our aim for Active Wellbeing Week is to encourage a more active and healthy lifestyle both inside and outside the workplace. Since launching, we’ve been conjuring up a variety of creative ways to inspire Civil Servants across the UK to get involved and celebrate Active Wellbeing Week. Our team set out to create a Chairobics workout video that would feature a series of gentle desk based exercises to stretch, flex and loosen stiff muscles and joints.

To get started, we sent out an advert looking for willing volunteers in the Birmingham area that would like to be involved in the official workout video. We were overwhelmed with interest! In the end we managed to whittle the number of participants down to 6 volunteers, from all different backgrounds and all current Civil Servants, from Department for Work and Pension to Public Health England.

We headed to our set location, The Bond in Birmingham, to shoot the Chairobics video earlier this month and spent a very productive day with VYKA. As well as the VYKA team we also had friendly CSSC Sports and Leisure staff with us on set, including Michelle, our Eastern and Midlands Regional Volunteer Support Advisor, alongside Daisy and Ellie from CSSC head office.

We met our 6 willing volunteers, who are all office-based CSSC members, who would soon be trying out the workout for themselves. We started to get to know each other over tea and coffee in the morning, prior to introducing them to the ‘office space’ set and our VYKA director for the day. Paul was so enthusiastic and helped each volunteer feel relaxed and ready. His most important message being “let’s enjoy the day!”

Our volunteer Chairobics participants were then introduced to our fitness instructor, Sam, who would be leading them in front of the lens. When starting our search for the ‘role’ of instructor, we actually found Sam and his expertise through our director as he’s actually Paul’s own personal trainer, he was highly recommended!

Sam was calm, clear and in control throughout the shoot. He was very responsive to each volunteer and offered tailored advice when talking about the exercises after filming. Being in front of a camera can be very daunting, especially if it’s not a part of your daily routine, Sam’s considerate approach when talking to each volunteer immensely helped keep everyone at ease. The energy and excitement of filming lasted all day!

Are you ready to see them in action? Watch here!

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