Active Wellbeing 2021

17th February 2021

It’s the end of our third successive Active Wellbeing Campaign, and our most inclusive so far. After starting a new physical activity and keeping it going for 30 days, you are much more likely to succeed in meeting your targets and keeping them going beyond. We are so pleased that over 2,500 of you signed up to make that change over the course of Active Wellbeing 2021.

After choosing a pledge to stick to, or creating your own, pledgers checked in weekly during the campaign to log into their dashboard, update their progress and claim their badges. Whether it was walking a little more, dedicating time to others or improving your work/life balance, there were over 50 online Support Tools to help you achieve your goals and keep them going. Across 30 days we were amazed to see over 5,000 badges won by all pledgers! We know that making a change is challenging, so we were there to motivate and encourage over the course of the campaign, with over 40 prizes available worth over £5,000!

Helping you help others 

In the build up of Active Wellbeing, anyone could download a digital promotional pack which included everything you could need to celebrate and spread the word. With over 1,000 digital promo packs downloaded, we’d like to thank everyone that helped spread the word! With your help, we are pleased to confirm that over 70 Departments all over the UK got involved in Active Wellbeing 2021.

We would also like to thank Angela McDonald – HMRC Deputy CEO and Second Permanent Secretary; Rupert McNeil – Civil Service Chief People Officer; Mark Fisher – CSSC’s chair and Director General & Secretary to the Grenfell Tower Public Enquiry and Simon Lee – CSSC’s Chief Executive Officer for their support during the campaign, and for being amazing advocates of Active Wellbeing and how important it can be.

Our exclusive webinars, which ranged from mental wellbeing to nutritional advice, and virtual events were a total success – attended by over 400 participants and full of invaluable snapshots of how to manage your wellbeing and get motivated!

It’s not over yet 

We hope you had a lot of fun building your confidence and developing your new habit! Active Wellbeing 2021 may have come to a close, but make sure you come back to check your pledging dashboard and to reflect on how far you have come. Our Support Tools will be available to access if you need some tips and tricks to keep going and, more than ever, we are here to support you.

To keep this fantastic momentum going, check out CSSC Sports & Leisure for loads of great tools and practical advice on maintaining your new active behaviour.

About us 

CSSC is here to look out for those who give their all to supporting the country and its people. Whether it’s across the civil service or public sector, we look after the people who have chosen to put their time and energy into others: serving them, protecting them, healing them, teaching them.

When we formed 100 years ago it was in the hope that – through sports – our members would find fellowship and through that unity draw strength.

And this vision remains at the core of our organisation.

So today, through our communities, events, advice and guidance, and an unparalleled range of discounts and offers, we aim to help those in the civil service and public sector make the most of their leisure time. To relax and recharge, so that they may remain the best possible version of themselves.

Supporting life’s true champions