Active Wellbeing 2021 – A retrospective

2nd December 2021

2021 was certainly a tumultuous year for everyone. Which partly explains why, for the first time ever, CSSC in partnership with CSHR held their annual Active Wellbeing event in January.

Primarily though, January was the perfect time to relaunch Active Wellbeing, after a year of lockdowns and uncertainly. Not only did it allow for a much greater expansion of the activities, through an entire month, helping Active Wellbeing 2021 to be the most inclusive ever. But it also helped focus the fun around starting the new year with good habits and maintaining the benefits throughout the entire year to come.

Why was Active Wellbeing 2021 30 days of fun

Studies suggest that keeping an activity going for at least 30 days ensures you’re much more likely to develop long term healthy habits. By offering opportunities, advice, tools, entertainment and prizes for the four weeks, CSSC hoped to encourage more people to find a healthy activity they enjoy and were much more likely to continue taking part. And it worked.

More than 2,500 of you signed up to make that change over the course of Active Wellbeing 2021. Over 5,000 badges were attained, 1,300 digital packs were downloaded and you won in excess of £5,000 worth of prizes and giveaways.
And most excitingly, nearly a quarter of all participants vowed to maintain their momentum, by carrying on their chosen activity.

You rose to the challenge

To further inspire everyone, we introduced a fun new element to Active Wellbeing 2021. After choosing a pledge to stick to, or creating their own, pledgers checked in weekly during the campaign to log into their dashboard, update their progress and claim their badges.

Whatever the pledge, whether it was walking a little more, dedicating time to others or improving work/life balance, there were over 50 online Support Tools to help you achieve your goals and keep them going. Across the 30 days we were thrilled to see the huge number of people not only increase their activity but, have fun together while doing so.

Word gets around

What makes Active Wellbeing so successful is sharing in the fun with friends, and last year was no exception. By spreading the word and getting hundreds of friends, colleagues, teams and family members involved, it really propelled Active Wellbeing 2021 into the future and made the campaign our best ever.

Over 70 Departments all over the UK got involved in Active Wellbeing 2021, with some whole departments challenging each other to some spirited tournaments and fierce completion.

Active Wellbeing 2022

In honour of last year’s success, we’ve decided to keep Active Wellbeing 2022 in January. It’s the perfect way to kick-start your year and to make good on those new year resolutions, that so many of us set in December.

This time around we’ve got loads more prizes to win and we’re looking forward to a fantastic start to the year. We’ve got all new digital packs to download, packed full of helpful hints, tips, resources and inspiration. Plus, the game is back to collect badges and receive your rewards.

New this year, for everyone who signs up to pledge, you’ll receive a special membership prize, to help make sure you’re never ‘lost’ for something to do.

We hope to see you pledge from 6 January in time ready to start Active Wellbeing 2022 on 17 January. And we hope you share this with all your friends and family, as the more people who join in in with Active Wellbeing 2022, the more fun we’ll have and the healthier we’ll all feel.

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