Meet Our Inspirational Individuals

What better way to inspire you to keep to your pledges than hearing from these incredible individuals who have some truly fantastic stories to share. Read about the small steps these CSSC members have taken to lead a more active lifestyle and the big results that followed!

Whether it’s adding a bit more movement to your day or embarking on a major event, these stories will inspire you to achieve your pledge. 

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Alison Hinch

Alison grew up in Chesterfield and from an early age loved swimming, camping and foreign holidays. After moving to Bristol to pursue a career in Law, Alison’s passions took a back seat to raise two children.

Once the kids were in full time education, Alison found the time to reignite that love of swimming. Surrounded by plenty of inspiration, Alison joined a local group and now swims regularly, wherever and whenever she can.

Swimming for various charities has transformed Alison’s life. From making new friends to facing her own fears. Not only has swimming given Alison a new way to reduce stress and improve her fitness, but it’s also helped make time for family adventures.

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Gail Tennant

Meet Gail from Glasgow. With a love of food and busy job, Gail struggled to maintain her weight.

A chance visit to a friend training for a marathon inspired Gail to upload a ‘couch to 5k’ app on her phone. A few months later Gail ran her first 5K in 51 minutes. She has since caught the running bug and went on to complete her first marathon in 2018 in 4 hours 45 mins.

As Gail clocked up the miles the weight dropped off and she won regional slimmer of the year in 2018.

Gail’s journey has not been without its ups and downs, but with her love of running and a supporting family, Gail’s dream of running the London Marathon has finally come true.

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Sarah Mo

Struggling with depression for most of her life, Sarah found it difficult to join a gym, while raising a young family. After reading an article on the benefits of exercise on depression, Sarah used her initiative to find free tutorials on YouTube. They didn’t require much equipment and could be practiced in her living room around her commitments.

Eventually, Sarah developed a passion for running in her local park and despite injuries escalated to charity stair climbs, raising thousands for good causes.

Completing her first marathon has been Sarah’s greatest achievement and a fantastic motivator to keep running.

Sarah is a huge advocate of starting small and using exercise ‘hacks’ to increase her activity. Walking and using stairs have been great ways to get fit cheaply.


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Roger Kasper

When the doctor prescribed Statins to reduce Roger’s cholesterol he knew he had to get active.

Gardening, walking and occasional bike rides, weren’t quite enough for Roger. So with a brand new pair of trainers and a pushy brother, he entered his local 5K park run.

Achieving a new personal best of 25 minutes and with an obsession to top even that, Roger has now signed up to his local running club and a personal trainer.

Winning CSSC’s basketball tournament in Cardiff must have helped, as Roger now no longer needs Statins. But instead of resting on his laurels, he’s still trying to beat his PB


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Stephen Morrison

In 2012 Stephen transformed his life by losing over 170lbs. But thanks to injury, illness and cakes he put back on 60lbs. More determined than ever to shed the weight and keep it off, Stephen is going from Try-athlete to Triathlete! 

Stephen’s most recent goals include: CSSC’s Open water swimming championship, Pedal for Scotland and Glasgow’s 10K run. But what he’s looking forward to most is sharing his exploits with as many people as possible.

As an events ambassador and huge advocate of the CSSC Activity Subsidy Scheme, Stephen is always ready and willing to share his adventures to encourage all his friends and family to follow in his footsteps.

Julianna Measures

Bored and intimidated by high street gyms, Julianna was looking for something inspiring to help improve her fitness.

Setting up an after work run with her colleagues was the perfect tonic to energise Julianna and a useful talent when she picked up a hockey stick.

Now, as a seasoned team player, Julianna combined her loves for both running and hockey to meet new people, stay in shape and prepare for her big day.

Never one to ignore a challenge, Julianna has just won bronze in the World Coal Carrying Championship! But we never found out who she borrowed the coal from.


Fasil Onimole

Suffering with Asthma from an early age Fasil was never encouraged to take part in any sport. Despite his condition, Fasil’s love of running motivated him to stay active into adulthood.

In 2017 a friend encouraged Fasil to challenge himself with a new running route. But little did Fasil know at the time, this was just a prelude to preparing for the Chirk triathlon.

Overcoming his novice swimming and cycling skills, Fasil has now just completed his 7th triathlon and is getting better every time. It’s not about the winning for Fasil, but more about taking part, improving his fitness and raising money for the Sickle Society.

This is your chance to be creative and get active this summer.

Choose to walk to work, take part in office chairobics or use the stairs.