We gave out plenty of amazing prizes and rewards to support your Active Wellbeing journeys. Thank you to everyone who took part and make sure to check out the incredible prizes won this year!

The OS Maps codes have now expired.

Congratulations to everyone who signed up, and enjoy your 6 months of premium access to OS Maps!

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Prize Winners!


Won a pair of Sony Earphones

Natalie said “I absolutely love the challenge as it motivates me to do something every day and to socialise on social media about keeping active.


Won a Garmin Venu 2S Smartwatch

Gemma told us “I have achieved over 170,000 steps in the first 7 days of the active challenge, which has been really enjoyable, but also challenging at times.

To get more steps in, I have taken a longer route to get my coffee, got up earlier to have a walk in the morning, and have been walking to the train station instead of getting the tube. On Saturday, I used the free OS maps app to find a new route in my local area, and I’m taking my dog for much longer walks on weekends, which he is really enjoying!

My goal is to try and complete 500,000 steps this month, which would be the most I have ever achieved.”


Won a £100 Decathlon voucher

Ian commented “I have really enjoyed being part of the big challenge, a mixture of extra long walks with my dog ‘Lily’ and lots of golf has really made this worthwhile.  Congratulations to all participants.”


Won a Fitbit Sense 2 Watch

Alison commented “I have really enjoyed doing the challenge. I work remotely from all my other team members, so taking part in the challenge has given us a real sense of community. Playing my part in the team has pushed me to go out walking after work, when I’d normally have a coffee and biscuit! We’re not the best, but we’ve not shamed ourselves either.”


Won a £100 Decathlon voucher

Frasat said “The hardest thing about exercise is to start doing it. Once you are doing exercise regularly, the hardest thing is to stop it!”


Won a Fitbit Sense 2 Watch

Kathryn said “A colleague signed us up to the challenge and, as a small team of 3, we have really enjoyed the healthy competition! It’s encouraged me to step away from my laptop and get out more and appreciate the countryside I’m so lucky to live in, and is a great team building opportunity. I never win anything so I’m completely shocked to have won the Fitbit Sense 2 watch!”


Won a £100 Decathlon voucher

Shona commented “It’s been amazing to see my North East Nomads team-mates climb the leader board week on week and set (virtual!) foot in far off lands.”


Won a £100 Decathlon voucher

Jim said “Active Wellbeing 2023 has been great fun. Tiring, but great fun!  It’s been especially rewarding to participate as part of a team. Helps to keep you going when your motivation wanes.”


Won a £100 Hussle Gym voucher

Abbie told us “A colleague reached out to our branch about setting up a team for the Around the world challenge and I was happy to join, especially as I could sync my smart watch, making it easy to record my activities. It was really satisfying to track how far we got around the world and it created a nice topic of discussion at work, especially when someone had racked up lots of steps in one day.”


Won a pair of Sony Earphones

Absolutely love my prize. Thank you so much, here is a photo from running on Sunday after 18 miles.


Won Decathlon vouchers

Thanks to the challenge this could well be the fittest I have been in my adult life. One week on I am still doing at least 10,000 steps per day and am in week 6 of the Couch to 5k programme (with Sarah Millican as my coach). I hope I can keep up the momentum!


Won a £100 Hussle Gym voucher

There was no greater motivation and joy in getting through the last bit of the winter months than doing the Around-the-world Challenge! Seeing our team progress in the charts, reaching ‘city’ milestones on the world map and how we supported each other really helped me stay fit and healthy in body and mind. I would totally recommend anyone to join the challenge no matter how many steps you put in, it’s all about having fun!