Inspire Me

The Around-the-World Challenge has now finished but we are still here to help you to continue to stay active.

Whatever change you’ve chosen to make, here you will find support and ideas for getting outdoors to get your steps in, accessing training plans, beginners running tips and articles there is something for everyone.

Get More From Walking

Improve the benefits you get from walking with these ideas. 

  • Walking with OS Maps 
  • Walking back to happiness 
  • Nordic walking 
  • Walking back through history
  • Fellwalking with CSSC
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Running Top Tips

Enjoy running more with notes on equipment, training and inspiration.

  • Beginners running tips
  • Different training plans 
  • Can you run a marathon? Yes you can! 
  • Take the ‘cross’ out of cross-country
  • Run around the world
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Challenge – Ideas and Support

Discover tips, ideas and resources to help support you.

  • Top 10 tips to increase step count 
  • Help with tracking steps 
  • Challenge – hints, tips and support 
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Benefits of Getting Active

Explore the hidden rewards from staying active. 

  • 15 different ways to spend 30 mins outdoors 
  • Exercising in bitesize chunks 
  • Improve your sleep with physical activity 
  • Bust stress to boost your energy 
  • The whole world on two wheels
  • Slow down but don’t stop
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Workplace - Ideas and Support

For those who spend half their waking life at work, why not make it work for you?

  • Are you sitting comfortably? 
  • Chairobics 
  • Activate your office 
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Nutrition - Ideas and Support

Explore tips for eating healthier, cheaper and more efficiently.

  • How to get your five a day 
  • Eat better for less 
  • Tips on meal preparation 
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