AW23 Challenge, Hints, Tips and Support

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the help you might need to get involved with our exciting challenge. Whether it’s step-by-step guides or helpful videos, all the information you need to get involved with our Around-the-World challenge is here!

How to register

  • Visit the challenge website and/or download the Big Team Challenge app on your iOS/Android device, and enter the website address cssc.bigteamchallenge.com when asked on the first screen.
  • From here you will be able to register your account or sign in with your existing one.
  • On the app you may see this message ‘You’ve completed your registration. Now you just need to join a team’. You can skip this if you wish to continue with sign up and once registered you can then choose to search for teams or create your own.
  • Please note you will need to set up a team even if you are participating solo. You simply create a team and set it to ‘invite only’ allowing you to participate by yourself.
  • If you’ve been invited to the challenge via an e-mail invite, make sure you register with the same email address that you were sent the invite to.

Join or create a team

When you log into your challenge for the first time after registering, the system will ask if you would like to join or create a team.
You can search for a team to join or create your own team. (Remember that even if you want to participate solo, you must create a team even if it is for yourself as an individual).
  • Creating a team – You can create your own team and invite your friends and colleagues to join by sending invites to their email addresses.
  • When creating your own team you can choose either of the following options:
    • Anyone can join
    • Invite only
  • Searching for a team – If you have been told by a colleague about a team name, or you want to search for your department it is easy to search for existing teams that you would like to join by typing their name into the box.

Accepting a team invite

  • You will receive an email with a link to register for the challenge (make sure you check your junk folder too!)
  • Follow the link on the invite you have been sent and enter your details into the registration form using the same email the invite was sent to.
  • You will need to verify your email address and then the team invite will be waiting for you on your profile, click on accept to join. If you can’t see the accept button, search for the team you have been invited to join.

Adding your Activity

You can manually add your distance, or if you have a smartphone or smartwatch it will sync your activity automatically – you just need to set it up firstly.
  • Syncing your activity – Syncing your steps is the simplest way to automatically add your daily activity to the challenge. You can sync your steps from Fitbit, Garmin Connect, Apple Health on iOS and Google Fit on Android.
  • You can easily enable syncing from your chosen device – on the desktop go to your dashboard, my account, settings, connected apps.
  • Syncing on the iPhone and android app, open the menu, sync devices, then connect to the service of your choice.
  • Adding your distance manually – You can manually add your activity via the challenge website and our challenge app by using the “Add Activity” option on your dashboard or see the activity conversion chart.
  • Walk and run are the main activities you can select but you can also convert steps from over 70 activities by using the activity converter.

Need more help?

A further range of video tutorials can be accessed including how to sync various devices, how to view daily activity or delete entries, etc. There is also help chat function on the bottom right corner.
If you are still looking for some more support, please get in contact by emailing: activewellbeing@cssc.co.uk