Meet Sarah

"Thanks to the joys of exercise I've never felt mentally stronger"

Sarah's Story

Meet Gail

"My head was my biggest obstacle. but I managed to
overcome my doubts and now I love getting active"

Gail's Story


Let CSSC help fund your workplace activities.

We are giving you the opportunity to organise a fun and exciting activity in your workplace that your colleagues will love and thank you for. Whether its a yoga or pilates class, a lunchtime stretch session, badminton or table tennis, or even something on a much bigger scale, CSSC can help to plan and organise the big day as well as providing some funding towards your activity. Funding can be used to purchase equipment, hire facilities or book an instructor.

Get in touch with your activity idea below and the Active Wellbeing Week team will be in touch shortly as to whether your activity request has been successful.

The deadline for activity requests is Tuesday 25th June and please be aware there is limited budget available and the funds will be closed once it is exhausted. If successful, the team will be able to assist in the planning and organising of the activity, health and safety guidance and provide promotional support and funds will be paid directly to the supplier on receipt of an invoice. 

For more information or to speak to a member of the team about your activity ideas, get in touch via activewellbeing@cssc.co.uk


Although the closing date has passed for request applications, if you require any advice on how to set up an activity, please get in touch and with us at activewellbeing@cssc.co.uk